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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  September 12, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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♪ ver outrageous attack ads by a conservative against a republican. but i'm going to defend that ad a little bit and you're going to be curious as to why when you see it. we'll show it to you. it was sent out against mark grisanti. saying how far will someone go to for gay marriage. make sure your son says thank you, mark gray is grisanti. those pictures were taken from a
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gay porn site. i want to give you more background but first let's follow this. >> i want to apologize those who i offended with the votes six months ago but i think you can be wiser today than yesterday when you do the work. i cannot deny a person a human being, a taxpayer, a worker, people of my district and across this state, the state of new york, and those people who make this the great state it is, the same rights that i have with my wife. >> cenk: so, you guys have to understand. that was a critical vote. four republicans in new york switched over and because of their switch-over gay marriage becomes legal in the state of new york. and mark grisanti got $325,000 six months after that vote. did he get money for it. it's outrageous, but michael let me start with you. i think well, he did do it for the money. it's not as outrageous as it appears. >> you can say he did it for the
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money. politicians are getting money all the time. he also did it. that has to be rewarded. he put good words behind it. he's sticking by it, supporting it. so he got campaign money. he's going to naturally get campaign money when he supports something that is ultimately popular in new york. >> cenk: it's not just a matter of being popular. these republicans all voted against gay marriage. then they get greased with a significant amount of money. one of the republicans who switched over got 47 times more money than he would normally get in that time period. this is not a little bit of money, but giant amount of money. ana. >> at the end of the day what he did was no different from what other politician does. he gets money in his campaign and he votes against the funds he gets in his campaign. i hate that. but the ad itself. i hate the images that they use. the fact that they used images of gay porn sites to play into the fears of republicans is ridiculous. >> cenk: let me read you a quote
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on that. they had this statement here. we politely ask that they discontinue attempts to insert our copyrighted images in their distributed political material and instead stick to secretly pleasuring themselves and battling their internal struggles with guilt and slam over the sexual desires that they have a hard time coming to terms with. >> that is a great statement. >> cenk: it's over the top and its smearing people based on this issue that is sensitive etc. but at the same time, come on, he took the money. he switched the vote. >> we know that part. but then we hear his comments right there. those are accurate comments. either they already know these things and they hide it in the first place knowing what they're usually advocating are wrong and they're stopping a lot of american citizens, or which one is it really? which one does he believe.
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>> you're ignoring the risk that he took, too. no matter how much money he got he's also a republican running from a presumably republican district being supported by republicans his whole life. there is a huge political risk in there. >> cenk: no way. and the guy running this campaign some weird failed politician who admitted at one point that he's bisexual, but he's apparently against gay rights. that guy is not going to take down mark grisanti. you're going to crush your opponent. we hate it when conservatives take money from the oil companies and the banks etc. and do their bidding. now in this case they're taking money from our side and doing our bidding. i'm not sure that it makes it any better. >> it makes you wonder what they're going to do in office. issues with obama, he took money
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from certain avenues and he gets in office, and he doesn't do what he said he was going to do. what are they going to do in office. we don't know that. maybe he's going to renig. >> that's what i'm talking about with this guy. you're right, jayar, except i don't think he believes a word of it. he voted before saying, family values, thee gay guys, i don't know about these gay guys. six months later, after he has taken a gigantic bribe, he said, it turns out gay guys are just like us. >> you're assuming that. it could be that his political interests were at hand and he's taking a huge risk. as jayar said, when a congressman takes money from an oil company he's going to give them breaks. this is a state senator voting against the interests of his district. >> cenk: i want to get the sense of all of you. we all agree that the images
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smear the issues, and we all agree to that. but the core of that ad to say that this guy is a political whore is true. i don't think mark grisanti had a change of mind at all. i'm voting guilty on that issue. >> i vote with you. i hate money in politics and it corrupts politicians. i'm against it even if it has it to do with our own interest. >> i'm taking him at his vote. >> he took it. he's going to win based on that. now is it going to carry on? that's what we have to look out for. he took the money and we already know that republicans gave up on this issue. they're pushing against gay rights because they thought it would win. once they're losing on it, they don't care any more. they don't have a stance on it. it's about the money. >> cenk: look, michael you're outvoted 3-1. it's about the money. if they had taken out totally
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smear unnecessary gay image out of the ad, i think the ad might have been accurate. and since the supreme court ruled it that way, it is that way. now when we come back, mother swift vote attacks against president obama. one side does it every single election. the other side doesn't. i wonder who the bad guys are. we'll discuss that when we come back. >> mitt romney's father was born on a polygamous compound. maybe mitt romney wants to be president so he can have sister wives.
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> cenk: almost every presidential election the republicans come to smear the democrat with swift votes, lies, and other falsehoods. this time they're coming double barreled. first the swift seals, veteran
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for a strong america for attacking the president on his strength, which is killing bin laden. they think he shouldn't get the credit. watch. >> i determined at my direction i called as commander in chief. >> we don't need to spike the football. >> compared to the campaign ad. >> cenk: all right, those are those guys saying oh, my god, i can't believe he's trying to take credit for killing bin laden. where were you seals while the incompetent bush and dick cheney couldn't get bin laden. where were you on that. now they have ganesh dousza with his documentary. >> obama has a dream. a dream from his father that the sinning of colonialism be set right and america be down sized.
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>> cenk: that idea behind this nonsense film is oh my, you don't know obama. obama wants to do global reparations. he wants to shrink america and give our money to dark-looking people all across the world. and it's okay because we have dane esh d dsousa. does that make it better? they said we need someone who is black and articulate. they couldn't get that, and instead they got de souza to go after the president. do you respond or don't respond. 2016 obama's america is nothing more than an insidious attempt to dishonestly smear the president by giving subject teal cover to the worst in false
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attacks. that's unfortunate. the unfortunate part a lot of people have seen this movie and they're coming out with these ridiculous ideas that are not close to true. the movie has already made $26 million, which is amazing in one of the most political documentaries of all time, which does not bode well for our county. and desue de souza says, quote if i were michael moore and i were to make a film that was number 2 political documentary of all time, i would be on every network. i would on meet the press and i would be profiled in "the new york times." i would be all over the ms nbc. instead large sectors of the press are refusing to cover the film. they're pretending that it does not exist. >> cenk: there is a difference between your movies and michael moore's movies. your movies are full of crap. you said he had a dream where he
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talked with his father. he never knew his father. and that he was going to have these ideas that he got from his father about destroying america. you're a full-blown lunatic. and unfortunately people in this country buys into this crap. did de souza get press glunches' talking about a world in which america has no nuclear weapons this at a time when china are adding to their arsenals. >> cenk: let's talk about that for a second. >> okay, sure. >> cenk: so first of all if we have 1500 nuclear weapons we can destroy the world over 10 times 100 times. this reduces our impact. fascinating. we're about six-to-one ratio over our
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closest competitor. jesus, how many money do you need us to spend on nukes before your friends who are defense contractors are happy enough. >> desousa has been embarrassed on every show he has been on. i don't know if he wants more press conference. get a load of what bill maher did to him. >> this these are dreams that i obama, got from my dad. >> how far up your ass do you have to go to pull that out. seriously. i mean, mitt romney's father was born and a polygamous compound. my theory is that mitt romney wants to be president so he can have sister wives. >> cenk: now mahar's point is a good one. do you see where they make up all sorts of stuff? oh i think mitt romney wants to take over the world for the mormon. do you know he was a mormon mission and he went to france
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and tried to brainwash people? no. do they make a documentary? no. there are clear bad guys. i know tom brokaw and the press wants to call everything even, no they do it campaign after campaign. there is another party by no means holy or does everything right, and i criticize them all the time, but they don't do this. there are good guys. there are bad guys. the bad guys are incredibly clear here. when we come back, speaking of good guys and bad guys. the guys who made that movie about muslims that has got everybody so enraged, who the hell are they, and what are they up to? we'll tell you when we come back. >> you're not wearing under garments. >> oh. >> cover yourself. >> sorry. i'm jennifer granholm, let me
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around. yeah! [ orbit trumpet ] clean it up with orbit! [ orbit glint ] fabulous! for a good clean feeling. ♪ eat, drink, chew orbit! ♪ [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: muslims in egypt and libya and all across the world are angry about this movie called "innocence of muslims." we'll show you a couple of pieces why they're deeply offended and what nonsense this movie is. watch. >> put your head between my thighs. do you see the devil still? >> yes. [ sobbing ]
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>> cenk: it is one of the most poorly acted movies, and that is muhammed right there that they're showing. they're not supposed to show muhammed. why am i showing a piece of it? i don't care if it offends the religious. i am not religious. i don't have to listen to your rules. i'm not muslim. why do i care if i think muhammed should be depicted or not. it doesn't mean that the argument doesn't have any intellectual argument to make. here they are accusing the muhammed of pedophilia. >> we shall loot the goods and anything else. >> what about the children, master? you know, some of us-- >> use whom you wish of the children. the rest shall be sold as slaves for more horse as soon as if if you want to do a takedown of islam
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there is nothing wrong with it. it should be perfectly fine thing to do, not only in the u.s. but how little do you believe in your religion if a movie sends you into a fit--oh my god you have offended me. so what! if you're so right you are going to heaven, and this guy is going to hell. what difference does it make. but that being said, they're not trying to make an intellectual argument. they're trying to stir up a hornet's nest. sam bacile identifies himself as an israeli israeli-jew and then he says he's jewish who is familiar with the area. there is an excellent chance
4:50 pm
that his name is not sam bacile, and he's not jewish, let alone israeli. he says that he has family in egypt and is worried about their safety. i think he's full of it in every way. about the movie. he said it cost $5 million. and he raised it from 100 jewish donors. first of all if they paid $5 million boy did they not get their money's worth. that was only against the green screens. that cost about $50. second of all, who who is jewish and says i raised it from 100 jewish donors. and ten steve klein jumps in. who is steve klein. he describes himself as a militant christian activist. he said, quote nobody is anything but an active american citizen. he ishehe is apparently not an israeli
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citizen. they are from syria, turkey, pakistan the vast majority are evangelical in. they're evangelical interest this country and they want to attack muslims, so they make a movie like this. steve klein said this. he said, we went into this knowing probably this is going to happen, and they did it any way. now our ambassador is dead. and three other americans are dead. and sam bacile says, i feel the security system at the embassy is no good. they should change it. he blames the victims. these people are despicable. now max blumenthal is here to talk about who these guys are. max, what is the real objective of these folks, and who the hell are they? >> well, there is a new development, and i think we need
4:52 pm
to make this point and emphasize it constantly. u.s. officials including representative mike rogers republican chair of house of intelligence committee and would have no political reason for saying this, are saying that the attacks in libya in benghazi where there actually is no u.s. embassy, it's not the capital of libya, was premeditated, pre-planned, which means there weren't some muslims who weren't automatically offended by this film showed up and assassinated the u.s. ambassador with rocket-propelled grenades. if anything that was a smokescreen or cover for a jihadist group to cover out a well-orchestrated attack. >> cenk: max, that's absolutely true. but there is no question that there were people significantly angry about this in egypt where they ripped the american flag, though with no arms and not
4:53 pm
organized. these guys apparently are happy with that. the extremist muslims in egypt are happy with it. that's why they promoted this movie and put it on egyptian tv. they're happy with it. are we getting caught in the cross fires of these fundamentalists. >> the point i was going to make that the long-term goal of this strange axis behind this film, which consists, as you said, christian right extremists like steve klein who is a veteran anti-muslim organizer in california and extremeist egyptian coptic exiles in the u.s. who are seeking to stabilize the post egypt and stabilize the muslim brotherhood, these are probably
4:54 pm
the people who are using sam bacile as a pseudonym. i'm talking about a few who are fanatical anti-muslim figure who is in with the pam gellar network. there is an agenda here. >> cenk: max unfortunately, i got to leave it right there. we're way out of time. i appreciate you he shedding light on this. people can read more on max's max on this issue. when we come back we'll look at how ridiculous the republicans have become. we'll be right back. people when i'm upset. they're doing this this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>that's an understatement, eliot.
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(vo) now, it's your turn.
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(vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time. >> cenk: if february of 2010 president obama said something in new hampshire that the republicans should have loved. here it is. >> obama: you tighten your belts. you don't go buying a boat when you can barely pay your mortgage. you don't blow a bunch of cash on vegas when you're saving for college. you prioritize, you make tough choice as soon as great, did they like it? nope. they're using it against them in an ad before vegas. this is karl rove's super pac. watch. >> after gambling your money on his failed stimulus, president obama says. >> don't blow a bunch of cash on vegas.
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